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Functional Strength Training

Studies show that people make larger gains in meaningful and repetitive functional tasks and we focus on getting people moving, encouraging them to start small and gradually increase what they do.

Functional Strength TrainingThe body gradually adapts to whatever demands are placed upon it so by practising targeted exercises it can become functionally stronger.

These demands may include more repetitions, at a greater intensity practised more frequently.

By designing purposeful exercises which are relevant to the individual’s functional goals they are more likely to stay motivated and therefore change.

Functional Strength TrainingAfter careful consideration of a person’s condition and their aims, we adapt or design exercises to target the task or combination of tasks which they are having difficulty with e.g balance. These exercises may need to be done in therapy and / or as ‘homework’ depending upon a variety of factors including initial ability, safety, motivation and assistance required.

By enabling people to confidently apply the skills acquired in therapy into their daily routine, this helps to support independent living and to reduce social isolation.

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When you start to try to put somebody back together after a tragic accident you suddenly realise that they forgot to include the instruction booklet! This was very...


I felt I had to write to thank you for all your hard work, and your professional way you have healed Wendy ; since we asked for your help way back in the summer of...

Graham Jessop

Sally will be the first to admit that neither she nor any other Physiotherapist can work miracles. Out of the many Physiotherapists that I have had, Sally has had...

Philip Hinton

I have been a patient of Sally de la Fontaine for 3 years following a stroke. During this time my range of movement has improved to such an extent that I have bought...

Aynsley Doherty

Sally has through her professional expertise and ingenuity in exercise certainly helped in speeding my recovery from Guillian Barre syndrome.

David Gentry

Just thought I would let you know that yesterday evening I jogged 1.5 miles in 22 minutes without stopping thanks to your work and the Turbomed FS3000

Kevin (peripheral nerve injury client)

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