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Postural Care

People who have complex disabilities arising from severe and profound impairment, usually of neurological origin, are at risk of developing complications secondary to their reduced ability to move themselves.

Maintaining a well aligned, comfortable and functional posture is a constant struggle against gravity. The body is a soft structure and spending long periods of time in unsupported postures can cause the body to distort, flatten, bend and twist as it is compressed by gravity’s forces.

Postural CareThe best defence against body shape change is movement – postural care aims to protect body shape through promoting movement and supported positioning throughout the day and night.

Postural care is a gentle, respectful and evolving process which aims to promote quality of life, function and comfort for people through the protection of body shape.

Effective postural care and protection of body shape relies upon people being well positioned most of the time and ideally having access to the correct equipment. It is everyone’s responsibility and by working together we can profoundly improve the quality of life of the people we work with and care for.

We therefore work collaboratively with the person, their families and support teams to ensure, via skilled clinical assessment and product knowledge, that they are advised about their equipment needs such as correct wheelchairs, armchairs and bed positioning supports.

We offer training, bespoke guidance and support to everyone involved into the principles of postural care, empowering them to integrate targeted movement and body shape protection into the person’s everyday life.  

We also offer measurement of body symmetry providing an objective measure of change.

By managing the person’s physical and psychosocial needs effectively their body shape can be protected and their function, comfort and quality of life enhanced.

Milestones can offer a range of services to our clients with specialists in each service we offer. To find out more information about our specialist posture management physiotherapist, Jane Pratley, please view her profile page here outlining Jane’s experience and approach.

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