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Milestones Neurorehabilitation Clinic

We provide a specialist, multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation service for people with movement, balance & functional difficulties resulting from damage to their nervous system from either injury or disease. We strive to provide a comprehensive service combining our expertise so that the patient achieves optimum results.

Our aim is to help you to optimise your capability & self-confidence to achieve your personal goals

Our team follow the psycho-social model of rehabilitation.

The idea that through engagement in physical, psychological and social processes, people can learn to live a life which is not dominated by their disability.

A comprehensive service

We offer a full range of services, our key ones are:

Highlights from the clinic

Milestones employ a creative approach to their work and seek to provide solutions to problems, some examples of which are demonstrated in our gallery.

The Saeboflex

This dynamic hand splint enables certain people who have regained some shoulder and elbow movement but are still unable to grip and release with their hands, to perform grasp and release exercises.


Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) – this works by passing a weak current via an electrode that sits on the surface of the skin. The current stimulates the nerve to contract and relax muscles.

Functional Strength Training

Targeted task based exercise to make functioning easier.

Aqua therapy

Physiotherapy utilising the properties of water to improve function.

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